3 Easy Habits That Lead to More Creative Copywriting

Sometimes coming up with a great idea or great headline is like trying to squeeze water out of a stone. It’s hard to always be creative, but oftentimes finding more creative solutions is as simple as making creativity a habit in our everyday lives. Whether it’s writing more creative copy or it’s coming up with a great campaign idea, these 3 easy habits help you train your creative thinking, so you can get great results when you need them most.

Look at Every Task as a Creative Problem

The first trick to finding more creative solutions is to, well find more creative problems to solve. Luckily, almost every task can be approached creatively. For example, figure out a more creative way to get to work. How can you make your commute more inspiring, memorable or entertaining? Getting more creative with mundane tasks is an exercise in reframing how you define a creative problem. Seeing every situation as something that can be solved with creativity creates good habits that will help you become more optimistic, which ultimately will help push you through those moments when you’re feeling stuck.

Always try to Find an Associated Insight

Great ideas often come from finding interesting insights (LINK TO LAST ARTICLE) that merge two unlikely subjects together. Like peanut butter and banana or whiskey and pickle juice, two unlikely insights can come together to form a unique idea. The trick to creating this unlikely pairing is to actively try to make associations all the time. A great time to test your ability to associate is when chatting at work or with friends. How can you associate the subject of discussion with something else? See what associations pop into your mind and do a quick mental exercise to see if you can blend the subject you’re talking about with the association in a fun, clever or creative way. The more you can quickly make mental associations, the more you’ll be able to jump from one creative headline to a new creative idea for the next one.

Say ‘Yes and…’ to Everything

If you’ve ever taken an improv class, then you might already know this trick. “Yes and” is a great tactic for pushing creative ideas, because you’re always building off of whatever the last person said. Brainstorming aside, you can also “yes and” your own writing too. In fact, every idea and creative task can be approached with a positive ‘yes and’ mindset that looks to build the opportunity further. It might not always lead to a great headline, but it’ll force you to push your ideas and half-thoughts further, getting you into new creative territory to explore.

Being creative on a daily basis takes a lot of work. Inevitably, we all run into creative problems that might feel uninspiring. While it can be hard to motivate ourselves when we’re not feeling a task, the simple tips above can help you keep your jaded mindset in check. Give them a try and let me know how they work for you.


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